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  • Executive Health Screening Program

    We value your health more than any precious stone on earth. Phyathai Nawamin Internetional Hospital invite you to get the Executive Health Screening Programs, we provide four programs in order to meet your needs


  • Executive Health Screening Center

    Because "Prevention is better than cure" Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital provides the variety of Health Screening packages which are fit your individual needs.

  • Knee Osteoarthritis and Knee Replacement.

    Osteoarthritis, commonly known as wear and tear arthritis, is a condition in which the natural cushioning between joints - cartilage -wears away. When this happens, the bones of the joints rub more closely against one another with less of the shock-absorbing benefits of cartilage. The rubbing results in pain, swelling, stiffness, decreased ability to move and, sometimes, the formation of bone spurs.

  • Chocolate Cyst

    Chocolate Cyst is one of several types of cysts on ovaries that affect women. It contains thick, old blood that appears as a brown fluid looks like melted chocolate.

  • Gynecologic Cancer

    We understand that being diagnosed with any kind of cancer can be frightening. We’re here to help you get a general understanding of gynecologic cancer, which affects the female reproductive system.