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Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital was originally established in 1995, in the year 2014, the Hospital was rebranded as Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital, resembling in each aspect like other Phyathai Groups of Hospital in terms of International Standard Quality Health care for both local and foreign patients. It is located in the east of Bangkok, only 30 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

The hospital has currently 200 bed facilities with a room for more expansion in the near future. Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital is the leading international hospital in Thailand serving both native and foreign patients with optimal care. With our International Board certified specialists and highly experienced staffs together with high tech medical technology, we take pride being expert in superior medical treatment and superfine medical service. The Hospital has so far achieved ISO 9001, 15189, 18001 and HACCP accreditations. Phyathai Nawamin International didn’t stop here and is already marching towards achieving JCI and other international accreditation in a few years’ time to come just like its other members of the group.

There are 42 clinics at Phyathai Nawamin hospital comprising of 660 staffs and over 100 Physicians, nurses who are dedicated to patient care round the clock. Besides, we have 50 members’ international staffs who speak several languages to cater needs of our patients from all over the world. Our one stop service include airport pick up and drop service on a complimentary basis and responding enquiries of patients within 48 hours.

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Our Departments

Internal Medicine

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Urology and Nephrology Center delivers excellent care treatment to patients with urology and nephrology problems using our modern advanced technology with a multidisciplinary team of specialist, expert in all aspects of urologic and nephrological conditions.

Department of Surgery

Surgery Department The outpatient surgical department at Phyathai Nawamin offers a full service of surgical procedures by expert surgeons using advanced medical equipment and technology.

Bone and Joint Center

Our world class Orthopedic Center provides pioneering treatments relating to conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. The specific areas we can provide medical care and treatment for are; Bone, muscle, tendon, nerve vessels and joints.

Spine and Brain Institute

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Brain and Spine Center has a strong reputation for its quality standard services, effective outcome and customer care services. Together, we are completely committed to improve our patient’s health, their well-being and most of all, their quality of life.

Cancer Care Center

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Cancer Care Center Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Cancer Care Center has been widely recognized in Asia Pacific and Europe because of the success that is being measured by Phyathai group

Executive Health Screening Center

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Executive Health Screening Center “Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not luxury – it’s an absolute necessity” .Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Executive Health Screening Center was designed to promote a preventive approach to achieve total wellness and improve patient’s quality of life.

Diabetes & Vascular Innovation Therapy Center (DVIT)

Diabetes & Vascular Innovation Therapy Center (DVIT) of Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital is proud to provide the comprehensive care service for diabetes patient, starting from diagnosis, evaluation and treatment. With the collaboration of diabetic specialist doctors and vascular surgeon DVIT Center can treat the vascular problem of diabetic patient.

Advance Gynecology Specialist Center

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Women Wellness Center provides complete consultation for diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic disease with our board certified and dedicated ob gynecologist. Our experienced obstetrician and gynecologists can help ease your concerns on any related health issues.

Pediatric Center

We understand how precious children are. That is why we commit ourselves to providing the very best care and support for your child.

Gastrointestinal Center

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Gastrointestinal Center is special center under the management of medical staff specializing in all gastrointestinal problems consisting of consultants and surgeons skilled in this medical field of optimization. We offer patients the most extensive and advanced medical equipment and treatment methods.

Eye Ear Nose and Throat Center

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital ENT Center is a collaborative center providing quality standard care and services. We have a team that is consist of professional and efficient specialists for the diagnosis and further management of case related to ear nose and throat.

Cardiac Center

At Phyathai Nawamin Cardiac Center, under internationally accredited, we are ready to help any heart disease patient within the immediate critical period. For emergency case, we do have a CCU mobile van for cardiac condition especially.

Dentalis Center

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Dentalis Center offers dental treatment and procedures. The center excels through the supervision of dental specialists, and doctors with international training and superior quality trust as modern technologies and medical devices developed fitting to their efficiency and knowledge.

Skin and Cosmetic Center

Phyathai Nawamin International Hospital Plastic Surgery Center is one of the specialty centers In Phyathai Nawamin Hospital catering medical travelers. Plastic surgery here at Phyathai is considered as an art of enhancing one’s beauty and self-esteem with the absence of complication under the experience of our skilled board certified surgeons.