Pediatric Center

We understand how precious children are. That is why we commit ourselves to providing the very best care and support for your child.

Our Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment Options provided by pediatric specialists and highly experienced nursing staff. We also have interpreters on stand-by to overcome any language barriers.
  • Childhood Learning and Development Programs: We promote independent thinking and brain development through a series of challenging programs designed to stimulate a child’s brain.

These include activities focused around the following fields:

● Meticulousness ● Connectivity
● Flexible learning ● Comparativeness
● Convergent ● Initiative
● Agility ● Imagination
 ● Creativity

Unique Learning Programs for Children with Special Needs: As many children with special-needs cannot attend a conventional class, the following services have been customized to the interests and abilities of children with learning difficulties to give them the education they need. Children that would benefit from these programs may show signs of; Delayed development; behavioral, emotional or mental challenges (autism, Asperger syndrome); attention deficit; hyperactivity disorder or learning problems

Learning Skill Development Program (IQ)

Emotional and Moral Enhancement Program (EQ and MQ)

Social Skill and Learning Process (SQ and AQ)

Personal Child Development: A unique service to personally assesses a child’s development and discover their capacity in order to customize a program that will specifically develop their potential learning capabilities.

Core Development Areas:

  •  Enhance 9 Idea-Development Skills
  •  Prepare For and Strengthen their Systematic Learning Process
  •  Stimulate Learning Potential
  •  Stimulate the Integration of 5 Senses
  •  Strengthen Muscles
  •  Provide an Extra Tutorial

Individual/ Group Behavioral Therapy Treatment Center: The center evaluates child development and explores their potential. Then we can customize a specific program to develop their learning capabilities.

The Center Includes:

  •  Pediatric Outpatient Unit
  •   Pediatric Inpatient Unit
  •  Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  •  Newborn Special Care Unit
  •  Pediatric Psychiatry
  •  Pediatric Development
  •  Speech Training
  •  IQ Assessment
  •  Newborn
  •  Pediatric Cardiologist (Heart)
  •  Pediatric Allergist
  •  Pediatric Pulmonologist (Lungs)
  •  Pediatric Gastroenterologist
  •  Infectious Diseases Pediatrician
  •  Pediatric Neurologist
  •  Pediatric Oncologist and Hematologist
  •  Pediatric Dermatologist
  •  Pediatric Surgeon
  •  Pediatric Psychiatry
  •  Pediatric Nephrologists (Kidneys)
  •  Pediatric Development
  •  General Pediatrics
  •  Pediatric Endocrinologist

Location & Service Hour

2nd Floor

Specialist Medical Team

Nurse Team




form Bangladesh, he was suffering from AS (ANKYLOSING SPONDYLISIS) almost 27 years ago.


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