Environmental Policy

Our hospital intends to conserve the energy, environment, and natural resources by promoting activities to preserve the safety and hygiene of the organization and community.


Our hospital sets the safety policy, environmental management, and occupational health which are conformed with the regulations, legal regulations, international standards including the trainings and providing knowledge and understanding to our employees and contract partner of such policies.

Our employees and contract partner have the liability to conform to the safety policy, environmental management, and occupational health. They should also report the problems to the managers to acknowledge and proceed on fixing the problems appropriately.

We will control the activities which affect the community’s environments such as infectious wastes management and wastewater treatment.

We will take responsibility of natural resources and energy conservation for the highest benefit such as saving the energy and campaign for the recycling methods.

We will investigate and revise that we have conformed to the environmental standard and plans to improve the environments continually.

Safety Policy

Our hospital manage the business with liability to society, customers, all concerns, and personnel by giving importance to environmental preservation, occupational health, and safety as well as developing the systems continually.